Improve Your Mood With Exercise

What are some ways you try to get your pals to join you in working out, jogging or playing sports? Improved fitness is always a big talking point. Overall fun, camaraderie, and of course weight loss. But these perks overlook perhaps the most important reason people begin exercising and don’t stop – peace of mind.

Exercise can provide an overwhelming sense of well-being, even for those who do not practice “spiritual” exercise such as yoga or Pilates. Here are some specific mental healths issues that strenuous activity can help remedy.


Research shows that exercise treats depression as well as anti-depressant medications in some cases. There are several reasons – working out stimulate growth of your neural network, reduce harmful inflammation of brain tissue, and promote feelings of calm and good cheers. Endorphins, those chemicals in your brain that produce an emotional and body “high” are released as well. It is also much easier to relax after a day of activity and exercise, helping you finds mental space to break out of negative thought patterns.

Productivity and Self-Esteem

If you are feeling run-down at your job or in your lifestyle, working out can promote a better work ethic and a better self-image.  Endorphins help you concentrate and relax at work. Exercise also stimulates the growth of new brain cells, and can help ward off the negative effects of aging on your memory and cognitive skills.


Studies demonstrate that when under stress, the body and mind suffer together. Muscles tense up, headaches develop and worsen. Insomnia can occur, along with blood pressure and stomach issues – and that list of maladies is by no means exhaustive.

What’s worse, the physical effects of stress can lead to worry and health concerns, which lead to even more stress! It’s a never ending cycle of woe – but it can be broken with daily exercise. Relieving tension in the body with a healthy workout is a great drug and alcohol-free stress reliever, and there is no more healthy way to fight the good fight against anxiety.

Future Research Possibilities


Peptides are synthetic versions of amino acid chains that occur naturally in the body. Many such products are currently being researched by scientific institutions worldwide and have been shown to help reduce stress by encouraging energy levels, metabolism, and the ability to exercise with greater intensity and more stamina. Scientific studies on animal research subjects have shown that peptides have many potential health benefits that may become available once approved by the FDA.

Theses products are not yet approved for human use by the FDA. Qualified researchers can buy peptides online or learn more at


Having trouble concentrating all the way through this article? You could be suffering from ADHD! Exercise is a great remedy for many symptoms of attention-deficit disorder and can improve concentration by boosting the body’s dopamine and serotonin levels.

Take Ritalin or Adderall if your doctor prescribes them – but don’t forget the natural remedy waiting for you at the local gym, track, or pool.

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